Supplemental Privacy Notice

Words and phrases with defined meanings in the GDPR have the same meanings when used in this document unless otherwise defined.

Who we are:

Dechert LLP (”we”, “us”, “our”) is the host of Funds Congress and is the controller of your personal data for the purposes of this event.   

For more information on who we are and the other ways in which we might process your Personal Data please see the privacy notice on our website.

Where we can be contacted

You can contact us at Dechert LLP, 160 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4V 4QQ, United Kingdom or on

Purpose of processing and Personal Data

For the purposes of delivering the Funds Congress event, we will need to process your Personal Data in order to give you access to the website on which this event is being hosted. In this regard, the Personal Data we will process includes your name, surname, and email address.

You will be able to have discussions with other attendees and with members of each panel. We will receive a copy of this chat transcript which will be gathered during the course of the event. 

At the conclusion of the Funds Congress, and for a reasonable period of time thereafter, we will process your Personal Data to record who attended the event. 

Lawful basis for processing

We rely on our legitimate interest to store and process your Personal Data for the purposes of this event. Our legitimate interest is a commercial one and is necessary in order to share our knowledge with you and grow our client base.

Recipients of personal data

Bombora Inc. is a live streaming, webinar and virtual events agency. We will be using their services to help make this event possible. We will need to share your name, surname and business email address with Bombora to ensure that you gain access to the material on the day. We will also share your Personal Data with PWC who is a sponsor for this event. 

To our knowledge, your Personal Data will not be transferred to any countries outside of the UK or EEA. 

Retention periods

We will retain your Personal Data for as long as we have a legitimate business need to do so. 

What happens if you do not provide your personal data

If you do not provide us with your Personal Data, you will not be granted access to this event. 

For more information, including how to exercise your rights and your right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, please see the privacy notice mentioned at the top of this page.